Nath Ha Maza

By Kanchan Ghanekar | | Marathi | Available |
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He had such blue penetrating eyes; and a smile as innocent as a child. His face was extremely expressive. Were these the qualities which had made me crazy about him? Oh no! Then what was it? Why was I so crazy about him? There were many handsome men all around me, in my house, in my neighbourhood, in my college. On the contrary, they were as young as me, unmarried too. Then what was it that I was so attracted towards him? The answer was crystal clear. It was his style, his versatile personality, his attitude of asking, `So What?` in an audacious manner. I was enchanted by his straightforwardness, his ham-handedness. All his qualities attracted my basic attitude for sure.

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Sonal Pendharkar Reviewed on: 20-12-2018

The book tells us about the life of marathi theater & cinema actor Dr Kashinath Ghanekar written by his wife Kanchan