About Us

What is Bookelphia?
Bookelphia is a crowdsourced platform for book reading. It is a network of reading enthusiasts where the members read books by lending to and borrowing from each other.

Who runs Bookelphia?
Bookelphia is a start-up co-founded by a small team of book enthusiasts. Being in love with books, and being passionate about reading are the only things that matter to us.

How does this platform operate?
Bookelphia helps manage all the logistics involved in lending and borrowing of books. We ensure pick-up and delivery of books from your doorsteps. Once read, the borrowed books are again picked up and returned to the owner.
More importantly, we send out both personalized and generic book recommendations to our network members. This helps them choose from a more meaningful set of options and recommendations from other user members.

What kind of books do you have?
We have a good collection of books in our network. They include books from genres across Biography/ Autobiography, Fiction - Romance, Crime/ Thriller, Philosophy, Other fiction, Self Help/ Inspirational, Business Management, History, Health and Fitness, Food and Cooking, Memoir, Religion and Mythology, Philosophy, Play, Poetry, Politics, Satire, Science, Short Stories, Children, Travel and others.
Also included in our network are some of the best Hindi classics. We have recently started sharing books in Marathi also.

What are the languages in which books are available?
We have books in English and Hindi languages currently. We have recently started sharing books in Marathi also.

What cities is Bookelphia operating in?
We are currently operational in Mumbai and plan to roll-out in more cities soon. Till then, you may consider relocating to Mumbai to join us :) .

Does bookelphia.com provide e books/ audio books?
For now, we are working on paperback books only. Please do return to this space to know more about our additional services that we plan to introduce soon.